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We are a dynamic market leader in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of essential sealing and insulation products

Our hallmark is quality.
From product range to customer service
From design services to logistics and supply systems.
ERIKS Gasket Technology is entirely focussed on providing the customer with excellence in all that we do
In the Industry for over 40 years and with an annual turnover of over £10m, ERIKS Gasket Technology has the right team and the right products to supply your company's needs.

Products include cut gaskets, moulded seals and shaped thermal insulation components, all vital to a modern industrial society

We ensure that white goods manufacturers, petrochemical and chemical plants, power stations, utility suppliers, hospitals, the automotive industry, pipeline and boiler manufacturers & other key industries function effectively by supplying only the best materials available on the market.
We Design, Manufacture and Supply a wide range of essential sealing and insulation components to many industries where equipment failure is not an option.
Gasket Services
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